Ink Master

Ink Master was a really cool experience — I love visiting New York and tattoos. Being on the show offered a great chance to meet diehard NFL fans, a JAGS fan willing to get my autograph tattooed on him (which in my opinion was definitely the best of the fan challenge) and to get a tat representing a lot of the things that make me.

When it came to choosing my tattoo, I definitely wanted to go with a Detroit theme. I’ve always wanted to get something to represent the city I’m from and my artist came up with a dope design that incorporated the Detroit Skyline, Old English D and 313 area code on my ribs.

Since the episode, I completed it by adding the Red Wings logo as well as my high school (Orchard Lake St. Mary’s) logo. The Wings are pretty iconic to the city and my high school played a huge role in shaping my sports career. Getting a tat of my city was so important to me because living in Detroit shows you there are definitely different ways your life can go. The city represents values — with all of the things it offers you can turn them into something bad or you can use them to promote good. I want to promote the good.


What tattoo should I get next?

Ink Master
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