NBA Season Opener Q&A

With the NBA season opening discuss the passion you had for basketball throughout life.
It was a diehard dream of mine to play in the NBA growing up. I played shooting guard and forward from 5 until high school — in high school I transitioned to playing mostly forward, even though I was one of the bigger players at 6’3”.

I always played basketball, football and even baseball [until my sophomore year] so the choice between the two during my senior year came from seeing the looks schools were giving in football as opposed to in basketball. Ultimately I’ve always known I wanted to become a professional athlete and I realized I had a better shot accomplishing that goal in football.

Even though my career in basketball is over I’ve always kept in close contact though watching — basketball is definitely one of my favorite sports!

Predictions for the 2016 NBA Championships
I think the Cavaliers will come out of the East again and Oklahoma City or the San Antonio Spurs will be the ones coming out the West this year.

What NBA player has a similar demeanor on the court to you on the field?
I would say Russel Westbrook – he has that extra edge and mentality as far as competing in the game. I think I’m the same way when it comes to competing in football.

NBA Season Opener
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